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Its Time For You to Register to be an Organ Donor.


The Organ and Tissue Donation Task Force has tabled their report in the Manitoba Legislature.  The task force was appointed to conduct an inquiry and make recommendations with respect to improving the rate of organ and tissue donation in Manitoba.  The task force recommends increased awareness toward organ and tissue donation by adding it to the compulsory health and science curriculum of all grade nine students in Manitoba, launching promotional campaigns and studying the feasibility of early detection surveillance for organ disease.


The committee notes organ donor signups surged in several provinces in response to the story of Logan Boulet whose organs were donated to six patients following the Humboldt bus crash that took his life. More than seven thousand Manitobans registered online for organ donation in the following week.  Manitobans are encouraged to continue registering their consent to donate online at www.signupforlife.ca.



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