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Your Donation Will Support the War Amps Amputee Program.


By now you should have received your War Amps key tags in the mail.  Their Safety Events Coordinator James Jordan says the key tags service has been a success as a benefit to people who lose their keys and as a War Amps fund raiser. He explains they’re celebrating their 100th anniversary this year so they’ve been around supporting amputees in Canada for a hundred years and their theme for this year’s key tag mailing is Still So Much To Do and that just means basically to ensure amputees have artificial limbs they need to lead independent and active lives so there’s still a lot of support there for amputees and still a lot of work to do in that field.


Jordan adds they returned 1.5 million sets of keys back to owners in Canada since they started the key service over 70 years ago.  The War Amps receive no government funding so they depend on your donations from their key tags and address label programs.


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