Creighton RCMP

Seeking the public's assistance


Creighton RCMP are seeking assistance in locating Tasha Lynn MCDERMOTT, 26 years old, who is wanted for an assault with a weapon investigation.  MCDERMOTT was last known to reside at a residence on Second Avenue in Flin Flon but has since relocated.  Anyone with knowledge of her contact information or whereabouts is encouraged to call the Creighton RCMP at 688-8888 or CrimeStoppers at 1-800-222-8477.  Tasha MCDERMOTT herself is encouraged to call the police for resolution of this investigation.


Break In at The Beach

On December 26, 2013 three individuals broke into a residence in Denare Beach.  These persons were in the process of stealing property from the home and vandalising it, when the residents returned home discovering them in the act.  The individuals then fled on a snowmobile stolen from Creighton earlier on this same date.  Creighton RCMP responded and through updates received from concerned community members the suspects were located and arrested while on foot, after having crashed the stolen snowmobile.


There was extensive damage done to the home in Denare Beach.  The victims were deeply affected by the incident and it was met with uproar from other residents and friends of the affected family.  Water leaking in the home had caused damage in the realm of at or around five thousand dollars.  The stolen snowmobile was a recent purchase, a 2014 model, and it was damaged as well.


Joseph Gunville (25), Kyle Dumas (20), and Charity Colomb (20) are all charged with break and enter, mischief over five thousand dollars, possession of stolen property over five thousand dollars, and other offences.  The accused were remanded in custody and appeared before a Judge within days of the incident.  Their next court appearance is January 14, 2014 for pleas.


Christmas Eve House Fire

Recently the Creighton Fire Rescue team responded to a house fire in Creighton.  Sadly, this event occurred on Christmas Eve of this past year.  The firefighters were very impressive in their teamwork and dedication.  Their cohesive efforts coupled with experience and training largely saved the front portion of the home.  Sadly, the home was a trailer and was extremely flammable, however none of the human occupants were harmed.


There were young children previously living in the home and there were numerous presents under the Christmas tree.  The Creighton Fire Rescue team showed great empathy for the family and treated their belongings with great respect.  Just about all of the family’s presents were retrieved with apparent minimal water damage.


What is further impressive is that many of these firefighters dedicate their personal time to develop proficiency in this profession.  They work full time jobs and train after hours, and then are willing to rush immediately to those in need irregardless of the time of day, or yes, even during the holidays.  We owe a great deal to these individuals, and to their continued efforts.


If you know a firefighter please thank him or her for keeping watch over our communities.  Our firefighters in Creighton, Denare Beach, and Flin Flon are often faced with tragedy, including this and other recent events.  They are our heroes and we see them every day, but seldom think to thank them.



Creighton RCMP Charges

Creighton RCMP have charged six youths with numerous charges of mischief, theft, and in the case of one youth failing to abide by a youth court sentence.  These criminal offences stemmed from incidents in Denare Beach on August 26th and 27th of 2013 during which numerous vehicle tires were slashed and property had been spray painted.  All six individuals were young persons at the time of the offence and as such their names cannot be released.  The total number of charges laid was sixty-eight offences shared between the accused individuals.

The Creighton RCMP would like to thank the residents of Denare Beach for their patience throughout this and other investigations, and also for all community members continued assistance.  Please call Crimestoppers at 1-800-222-8477 to assist police in providing anonymous information, or call the Creighton RCMP detachment directly at 306-688-8888.  In reporting crimes or suspicious activity you are contributing to safer communities, and you may be eligible for cash rewards.

Creighton RCMP are seeking your assistance

Creighton RCMP are seeking assistance in locating Tyler Fontaine YOUNG, 26 years old.  YOUNG is wanted for resisting arrest and obstruction charges.  Members of the public are requested to contact the Creighton RCMP at 306-688-8888 or CrimeStoppers at 1-800-222-8477 with any information as to YOUNG's whereabouts. 


He is described as First Nations with a medium to stocky build, black hair and brown eyes, and 173 cm tall.

Road Conditions

Temperatures are rising and snow is beginning to melt.  In a few short months the weather will continuously change as spring arrives.  If the past proves to be repeated we can still expect more snow and colder temperatures, but also of course the eventual thaw.

In the next few months Creighton RCMP will continue efforts to ensure our roadways and pedestrians are safe.  With nice weather and clear roads there is is often a tendency to increase vehicle speed.  Weather and road conditions can change in an instant, and even at relatively mild temperatures ice can develop on the roadways, especially in shaded areas or where snow is melting.

The Creighton RCMP will be stepping up traffic enforcement on both Highway 167 and Highway 106.  The Denare Beach freeway has many dangerous curves and potential icy areas, and it is often frequented by pedestrians and recreational vehicles.  On the Hanson Lake road there are also large semi-trucks and trailers.  A focus on speeding on these roadways will hopefully minimize many accidents that have occurred in the past during this time period.

Please be patient in these coming weeks and remember that excess speed is not just a danger to the speeder but also to the public; whether other vehicles or pedestrians.  Please also tell friends, family, or coworkers to slow down as it might save a life, or simply the inconvenience of a speeding ticket.

Drinking And Driving

The Creighton RCMP are actively investigating impaired driving in the communities of Denare Beach and Creighton.  Drinking and driving is an ongoing problem in most communities, with few exceptions.  With continued efforts to increase public safety police are focused on eliminating the dangers of mixing liquor with vehicle operation.  Over the winter months there are far too many increased road hazards, from poor visibility due to blowing or falling snow, to poor road conditions due to ice or freezing rain.  In every season there is wildlife near roadways, and there are other factors including driver fatigue, inexperience, or inattentiveness.  Finally, the condition of the vehicle being driven affects performance.  The goal in targeting impaired driving is to eliminate the one easily preventable factor in accidents--drinking.

But why all the fuss about having a few drinks to unwind before calling it a night?  The sad truth is that people both young and old drastically underestimate their ability to function properly after drinking.  There is a common misconception that "tolerance" equates to "impairment", which is criminally not true.  You are considered to be driving while impaired at blood alcohol readings of 80 mg%.  Some people who drink quite frequently would not feel impaired at all at this level.  Others, after a night of heavy drinking, might be over the legal limit and simply believe they are hungover.  For an average size male a 355 ml can of beer might equate to 15-18 mg%.  Your blood alcohol level or BAC is affected by how fast you can eliminate alcohol from the body, and a number of other factors including rate of consumption, food eaten, type of alcohol, genetics, metabolism speed, etc.

According to MADD Canada, in motor vehicle accidents among 15 to 25 year olds, alcohol is a factor in 50% of those crashes.  There are so many campaigns against drunk driving and so much education available, yet young people are just as likely as older generations for being charged with drinking and driving.  Many citizens would ask themselves whether impaired drivers simply don't care, since there is such an inundation of media attention pitted against impaired driving.  It is hard to believe any Canadian is unaware of the law or the consequences.  Granted, many such individuals are not newspaper readers, but there are television and radio broadcasts frequently citing the dangers of drinking and driving.

Quite simply alcohol impairs judgment.  Some people have addiction problems including alcohol.  For younger people there is a counter culture movement in which the party lifestyle takes precedence over work, family, and friends.  Listen to the lyrics of the popular Ke$ha songs where she brushes her teeth with liquor and has a water bottle of whiskey in her purse, and is apparently vomiting everywhere (including closets of all places).  Partying itself is not the problem, as anyone should be able to enjoy themselves.  It is lack of planning and foresight that ends with red and blue flashing lights on the side of a highway someplace.  Impaired driving is a community problem.  If you know someone who is going out for drinks and they don't have a plan for a safe ride home please ensure they get one.  Driving is a privilege that can be revoked, but no constable or judge can give a life back.


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